Artistic Edge 12

Artistic Edge 12

Artistic Edge 12

The ultimate addition to any crafter's workspace! The Edge digital Cutter 12 opens up a new world of custom cutwork designs for paper crafting, quilting and embellishing. Let LED lighting and a placement laser make every cut more precise than you could have imagined. The Edge 12 comes with adjustable blade holder, 3 cutting blades, pen holder and pens, 12" x 12" low tack cutting mat (for thinner and more delicate materials like paper or fine fabric), 12" x 12" high tack cutting mat (for thicker materials like template material or foam core), and the Artistic SimpleCut software containing 3,500 designs.


Get the FREE UPDATE to SimpleCut Version 7.1 (build 7.1.8661 released May 2017)

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Artistic Edge 12

Features and Benefits: 

  • 12" of cutting space
  • Includes Artistic SimpleCut Software (with 3,500 built-in designs)
  • Cuts a variety of materials from paper to vinyl to fabric and more
  • "Print and Cut" feature so you can cut exact shapes from a print image
  • Precision laser placement guide
  • Smooth, quiet operation

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How-Tos & Technigues: 

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