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The Artistic Brand is a full line of innovative solutions for the sewing and crafting enthusiast. We offer many venues for you to express your creativity! First is the Artistic software packages. Artistic Suite V6.0 and Artistic Crystals are much like other embroidery digitizing softwares but with one important advantage - designing your own rhinestone templates, applique, and scrapbook notions!You just create the design in the software, and send it to a Digitial Cutter to cut the template out.
But maybe you're not just a crafter - maybe your creative energy works on a larger scale. The Artistic line of long arm quilters and frames are a perfect for those big projects.
Artistic has a range of accessories to help in whatever your sewing and crafting endeavers are. From dress form to metallic threads to stabilizers, you'll find every thing you need to finish your projects with a unique, Artistic edge.